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Hello my name is John D Penwell. I have been in the buying and selling business since I was in elementary school buying, selling and trading Baseball Cards, Candy and Soda pop. I started my first business at the age of 15 back when we had no internet or Cell Phones. I built a Customer list of Buyers and Sellers that was kind of like a Dating Site for merchandise. I was a Matchmaker. I would shop the Valley Trader, Buyers Guides, News Paper want ads and I knew every Pawn shop, Flea Market Vendor and Mom and Pop shops within a 100 mile radius. At the age of 18 I started a Nationwide Bargain Finder program. There was nothing I couldn't find and sell. I was the come to guy that could find you whatever you wanted at a price that nobody could beat. If you had something you needed to sell I was the man who already had Buyers lined up begging for it. 30 years later I would love to take the opportunity to introduce you to my next stepping stone AuctionHouseBroker.com 

We look forward to doing alot of business with you in the future.


John D Penwell


Email: JohnDPenwell@gmail.com

AuctionHouseBroker.com located in B-Section at Hancock Antique Mall 266 North Pennsylvania Ave Hancock,MD 21750

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